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This is an Overview

Who are we

We are a member of the Warriors Premier League with the Scottish Welfare League that focus on giving men the opportunity to get out there and play football, with the objective of improving physical and Mental wellbeing.


We train every Friday at Little Kerse – Galaxy Sport complex in Grangemouth


Appin Warriors Premier League


Galaxy Sports Complex in Grangemouth for Home games and training

Skill Levels

Everyone who meets the criteria set out by the Warrior Premier League committee, is welcome to join the team after a short trial and at the decision of the management team


all players must meet the following criteria to play for Carron Huskies FC.

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Criteria Requirements



BMI + 30

Over 18 Years of age

Waist size 38”+ around the navel

No ex professionals

must be available / committed to Friday nights and Sunday for games and training sessions